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"Fantastic software! And this is the alpha...the beta will probably give me a heart attack. Wonderful work!"
Sandy H.
"Darn - the more I look at it, the more I like it. Maybe I should just learn to live with the $0 price tag..."
Chuck T.
Recently between writing articles for, getting into podcasting, and just trying to organize everything going on in my life, I have been off and on looking for a good outliner. A few years ago I used to use a program called "The Brain" from Natrificial software which had a really nice mind-map kind of view of ideas. There were a couple of major problems with The Brain however, the main ones being that it only ran on Windows, and also the export options were very limited, meaning that while it could store notes and ideas easily, it was hard to transfer them into any other kind of program, like a word doc for example.
So in my efforts to find something that I could use on Linux, I came across MindRaider - Semantic Web Outliner on sourceforge. This is a total gem of an application and fixes all the problems I had with The Brain. Apart from being free (beer and speech), it is written in Java, can export as OPML (standard XML based outliner format), also has integration with Twiki (the Twiki output can be easily copy and pasted into OpenOffice for a quick document structure to use) and it has both a mindmap style view and an outliner style view, either of which can be used (completely interchangeable).
In short it is everything I was looking for in an outliner, and I am recommending it to anyone I can find. Thanks to Martin Dvorak for making such a fine piece of software available.
Dick W.
"From first glance it looks very impressive... a combination of Touchgraph with an outliner view, but unfortunately it seems that in the current release it is possible to only navigate with the graph view ... Anyhow, the programmer deserves substantial credit for excellent results so far on what is obviously a complex project.
William G. W.
"...a mixed feeling I suppose, the positive side mostly being that it's a vindication of the idea. There's something else there too. Martin's MindRaider effectively came from the same starting point as IdeaGraph (RDF-backed Mind Maps), and the core functionality is very similar to what I had in mind (well, actually implemented, but not in a release-ready form). But there's so much room for development, and what Martin has talked about in email (oriented towards mental-map sharing) is very different from where I was going (more project-driven, and oriented towards the individual user)..."
Danny A.
"I've been searching for an application like yours for organizing my notes and myself for years..."
Jariell A. P.

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