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MindRaider is in fact Semantic Web outliner. MindRaider aims to help you in organization of your cognitive base and associated documents and resources in a way that enables quick navigation, concise representation and inferencing.
There are basically two pieces of the Semantic Web which user agent should accomplish - annotating content with metadata, and doing stuff with that metadata. MindRaider is here to help you with correlation of information related to a particular thought. Start with your personal resources like documents, diagrams, links, thoughts, friends, etc. These resources can be in turn represented as/associated with Concepts that are organized to Outlines. On top of the Concepts within an Outline is built (RDF-based) metadata layer that enables MindRaider to provide various Outline facets (flat/hierarchical/graph-oriented but also semantic based views). At the same time you may search all the content using fulltext search. Outlines are further organized using tags (OWL ontogologies) allowing you to build custom thematical domains.

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