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MindRaider provides experimental version of URIQA browser.

To try the browser, select Tools/Uriqa/Connect to Server... from the main menu.

Connecting To Server

Specify connection parameters:
  1. Server URL
  2. Resource to load first.
  3. You may choose either that browsed resources' statements will be added to the existing RDF model or current resource model will replace the previous one during the browsing.
  4. Whether to load also infered statements of the current resource or not.
Note that by default you will connect to the URIQA demo site. You may choose from the list of example resources like this:

Finally click Connect to load the resource model from the URIQA server.

You may browse statements of the loaded model as usually. But if you want to load all the statements related to the particular resource, then:
  1. Click that resource in order to select it.
  2. Than double-click selected resource. It will cause loading of its model i.e. warp.
Please note that only resources marked with "rocket" icon can be selected for warping.

As usually you may specify the way in which is RDF model rendered (facet, show/hide predicate nodes, labels vs URIs, etc.) from the View menu:

You may also search loaded model using label search:

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