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JAlbum2Picasa is a command line tool for uploading JAlbum galleries from the filesystem to Google Picasa Web Albums.
JAlbum's metadata that contain the information like gallery name, description, photos ordering, photo comments, etc. are processed and used for uploading of photos to Picasa Web Albums.

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 > jalbum2picasa upload-album martin passwd c:\myphotos\jalbum\trip
 > jalbum2picasa upload-all-subdirectories martin passwd c:\myphotos\jalbum
 > jalbum2picasa show-my-albums martin passwd
 > jalbum2picasa get-album-url martin passwd "My album name"
 > jalbum2picasa set-directory-date C:\myphotos\jalbum\trip 2009 30 5 18 55 10
 > jalbum2picasa help

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